Holloway Green Street



The Holloway Green Street project is one of eight Early Implementation Projects (EIPs) that will be constructed in San Francisco’s urban watersheds as part of the Sewer System Improvement Program.  The primary objective of these projects is to demonstrate the efficacy of green infrastructure in reducing the peak flows and overall volume of stormwater that enter the city’s combined sewer system.

The Holloway project implements bioretention and permeable pavement along nine blocks of Holloway Avenue in the disadvantaged neighborhood of Ingleside.  The project converts an urban residential street and bike route into a green, pedestrian and bike-friendly corridor by incorporating multifunctional green infrastructure. Corner bulb-outs containing bioretention planters provide traffic calming and pedestrian safety while managing stormwater.  Permeable pavement in the parking lanes adds further management capacity to mitigate downstream CSDs and flooding.