SFPUC Green Infrastructure Monitoring Program



Since 2012 Lotus Water has designed and been the technical lead for a green infrastructure (GI) monitoring program to ensure that the appearance and function of GI facilities are maintained over their lifetime. This type of post-construction asset management validates that projects are meeting performance goals and providing the expected return on investment. The 12 monitored GI projects include an array of GI types such as bioretention, permeable pavement, infiltration galleries, rainwater harvesting, and creek daylighting. Lotus created an 8-year monitoring plan, selected monitoring sites and equipment configurations, established QA/QC protocols, analyzed data, and generated reports. Lotus innovated a new monitoring configuration that has reduced the overall cost of monitoring a green street location by 40%. Ongoing monitoring has identified both successes and shortcomings in meeting project goals and program objectives, and Lotus has worked with SFPUC to establish feedback loops to incorporate lessons learned back into the planning and design process to improve future GI implementation.