Orange Memorial Park Water Capture



Colma Creek runs through the heart of Orange Memorial Park in the City of South San Francisco (City), draining over 6,300 acres from 4 different jurisdictions. This regional stormwater capture project is on track to be the first of its kind in Northern California, diverting flows from the creek into the park for treatment via infiltration, non-potable reuse, or biofiltration. The project is funded by Caltrans and is being completed under a Cooperative Implementation Agreement between Caltrans and the City. While the primary objective is to reduce trash, PCBs, and mercury loadings to the San Francisco Bay for compliance with Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements, the City has the additional goals of: reducing peak wet-weather flows to alleviate downstream flooding issues in the lower reaches of Colma Creek; infiltrating treated water to recharge the Westside Ground Water Basin; offset potable consumption by using treated water to meet irrigation demands in the park; and realize park improvements consistent with its ultimate vision expressed in the 2008 Master Plan.

The project has two phases. The current initial phase of work involves Lotus developing three preliminary concepts and running them through an extensive public and interagency outreach process to build consensus behind a preferred alternative. The second phase of work involves taking the project through 100% construction documents and providing assistance with the bidding and construction phases.