Rainwater Harvesting + Graywater



Lotus Staff have designed commercial, residential, and campus-scale non-potable reuse-systems for clients throughout the Bay Area. Lotus is currently in various stages of design, construction and operation on several alternative water projects, including: a laundry to landscape graywater installation in Marin County, a rainwater to toilet system under construction in San Francisco, and a comprehensive rainwater and graywater system in design for a farmhouse in Sonoma County. San Francisco’s first ever permitted residential rainwater harvesting system for indoor reuse (toilet flushing and laundry) was designed by Lotus staff. To support developers in complying with stormwater requirements, Lotus developed San Francisco’s official rainwater harvesting calculator and provided technical support in establishing the City’s design guidance. Lotus is currently overseeing monitoring of water use and water quality on installed rainwater harvesting systems in the City to inform future reuse strategies and policies.