Botanical Garden - Horticultural Expo 2019



Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition slated for opening in late 2019. Lotus supported Office Ma in the design of the “Kaleidoscope” Botanic Garden Project located on the southwest side of the expo park. The project will be a comprehensive exhibition hall covering plant greenhouse, exhibition space, leisure service space, and more. Lotus developed an innovative, one water strategy to integrate flood control, water quality management, and water reuse into the landscape and architecture of the greenhouse.

Lotus was able to leverage Office Ma’s unique design to develop storage for large storm events, treat stormwater runoff in staged bioretention and constructed wetlands, and create innovative water reuse strategy that optimized the demands of the indoor and outdoor gardens with the seasonal rainfall in Beijing. The system is a first-of-it-kind integration of flood control, water quality, and water reuse features into fully integrated system that responds to the design features and complex nature of this event space.