Civic Center Sustainability District



San Francisco’s Civic Center is the heart of the City; it is the center of government and culture. In 2008, the site was designated as a Sustainable Resource District, promoting it as a future model for sustainability and cutting edge environmental technologies. The Civic Center Sustainable Utilities District Plan will guide physical changes towards a vital, active district that reduces its impact on the natural environment by reducing water and energy consumption. The scope of work included internal stakeholder visioning workshops and goal development sessions, development of the Final Plan, and public outreach.

As part of this interdisciplinary team, Lotus Water conducted the hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, green infrastructure feasibility studies, interfaced with the Department of Public Works, and led the coordination of the concept plans with the SFPUC Sewer System Improvement Program. In addition, Lotus Water collaborated with the team in the development of the alternatives and supported the workshops and outreach efforts.